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Cloud MLX is the simple, fast, and beautiful way to access the MLS. Your members will love you for it.

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The Evolution of MLS Technology

If MLS systems are going to progress we need to look at the past.

“Clareity has never included an MLS “front end” in this section of our report before, but we think W+R’s Cloud MLX deserves a shout-out here… We expect W+R Studios to be one of the major players in the “front end of choice” future of MLS.”

- Matt Cohen, Clareity

A “front end of choice” solution that works, today.

Cloud MLX is turn-key and already up and running with over 35 MLS providers covering over 200,000 agents and growing.

Your MLS shouldn’t need a manual

Your smartphone doesn’t come with a manual, neither should your MLS. Our goal with Cloud MLX was for agents to get up and running without taking a single training class.

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Leverage your existing product offerings

Cloud MLX works seamlessly with the products your members use the most like Cloud CMA, Cloud Streams, and ShowingTime.

Thinking about consolidation?

Cloud MLX was designed to be a front end to multiple MLS systems. A great step towards your larger consolidation efforts.

Frontend of choice